First loan – not as scary as it is painted

The first loan scares – like all the first times. Many consumers have not even taken the slightest credit during their entire lifetime. They never felt such a need.

However, the time has come that every major investment requires financial assistance from a bank or other institution lending money for interest. Unfortunately, those who apply for it for the first time may have a problem getting this help. Where do these difficulties come from and how to deal with them? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

First loan – difficulties arising from BIK data

First loan - difficulties arising from BIK data

As individuals, we appear on the credit bureau listings. This has its good and bad sides . We know, we try to avoid a situation in which we would be listed as debtors. This situation is a big obstacle to getting a loan. In the meantime, for those who first take out a loan, it is important for the clerk to get data on how they managed their previous commitments. It is best to ensure that all installments are paid on time.

Then even a young person can be calm about getting the money they care about. It is much easier to do this for an employee who is employed under an employment contract for an indefinite period. A longtime employee becomes definitely more credible to the bank. However, you can try to get a loan even when working in a small corporation. How to become more credible?

Small purchases in installments

Small purchases in installments

This is probably one of the easiest ways to become more persuasive. We are talking about purchases whose price is divided into small, interest-bearing parts of repayment. For example, you can decide to spread the price of a laptop, smartphone or tablet over time.

They cost little, just over 3,000 zlotys. So you can be sure that you will be able to bear such an expenditure successfully, for example, divided into 12 equal parts. The most important, however, is that when the repayment is settled, the first positive entry in BIK appears. It provides bank employees with a certain basis to agree to grant a loan.

To begin with, we apply for small amounts

It is a bad idea for the first loan we are applying for to pay very high amounts. Definitely better when it is much smaller. This is because it is easier then to obtain the appropriate consent. It can be assumed with high probability that if we want to borrow PLN 2,000 with a monthly salary of PLN 2,000 net, we will obtain permission.

Then, remembering about the obligation towards the lender, we will pay back the debt and build our creditworthiness. Each subsequent, small commitment will further strengthen our credit history. It is worth trying to be able to apply for much larger amounts in the future.